A little while ago, this small London Based Salvation Army Brass Band got seen with well over 1 million views on YouTube and recently their story has been picked up by big media.

Want to know how they did it?

It’s simple……Someone sneezed into a trombone while trying to play it in a performance!

As the London Symphony Orchestra commented on the video :
“We’ve all been there haven’t we? It’s a quiet passage and you really really need to sneeze. What do you do, do you try to ignore and keep playing or do you disrupt the music to stop and sneeze? This is what happens when you don’t quite make it…”

So here it is: the sneeze that got the London Central Fellowship Band of the Salvation Army..seen!

What do you think? Is this a classic or what!
As one of our facebook friends commented when we first posted it :
“ I don’t know about you, but I was laughing before it even happened. What is it that makes it just so darn funny!?”

So why is this so funny? Is it just because it’s all so serious and then the sound comes out? Or is it because anyone who plays any instrument can just relate to it.

Anyway please go ahead and leave your comments in the box below and feel free to share your funniest ever music video ideas with the whole community of music teachers.