Most teachers are well aware that multiculturalism is a requirement of many curriculum documents around the world today. Music, because of its very nature is asked to cover this by curriculum writers, because we’re one of the subjects that CAN do this – I mean you can’t exactly address multiculturalism in Math or Science, can you?

That is the starting point for today’s Q and A question, which comes from Denae in Minnesota, USA:

“My admin wants me to address Multi-cultural music every day in the music classroom. How do I address two different cultural elements of music in each lesson?”

Now this is not an uncommon question, and not just from the USA, as I’m aware that this is a big issue in my own country of Australia right now.

So, here are my thoughts on video, and we would love your input on this topic, just by filling in the comments box below.

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  • Musica Viva in Schools Fantastic agency in Australia who provide visiting performers for schools
  • Please let us know via the comments box below if you know of others who provide these services