What exactly ARE Music Theory Fun Sheets?

Music Theory Fun Sheets are Worksheets designed for music teachers to use in music classes and for individual theory instruction.

They are supplied in Digital Format so that you self print them – as many times as you need!

Music Theory Fun Sheets are not normal worksheets because:

  • Each idea is unique and different. The worksheets don’t contain the same old stuff you’ve seen time and time again!
  • Each set has several different worksheets utilizing one concept – if you’re class likes the concept you’ll be able to use it over and over again
  • Each set has different difficultly levels for different ages and abilities.

If you’re not sure if these can help you, click here to download a few samples of our music theory worksheets – it will give you loads of free ideas for saving time in your lesson preparation, and it will help you know whether the worksheets will be useful for you.