What would YOU do in this situation:

You’ve taught music at the same school for several years. You enjoy the job, you have a good relationship with your students, and everything is going well.

Then one day at the end of the year the principal calls you into their office and says “I think we need to cut back on staff next year. I’m going to cut out the drama teacher and the occasional dance program, and I’m going to make you our performing arts teacher…. ok?”

What do you say? We know this happens, because we had this question submitted for our Music Teacher’s Q and A recently:

“If your title has changed from Music Teacher to Performing Arts Teacher how would you plan your year….”

Here is our thoughts on this topic on video:

Please add to this discussion! This is one where we certainly could do with as many suggestions as possible! We’d love to hear all your suggestions for any teachers in this situation.

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This year we’re pleased to be having a session with John Jacobson- who is known as the choir choreography king! If anyone knows how to get a choir performance sounding and LOOKING great.. its John. You can get that ‘performing arts’ happening right there!

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