In this first episode of the Weekly Spark for Music Teachers Janice Tuck shares some thoughts about how music teachers can adapt to the current situation the world finds itself in. 

The idea behind this podcast is to provide Music Teachers with a little bit of mindset and motivation to get going through their day, and keep inspiring and motivating their students. 

This episode is actually different from the first episode we had planned – we had been planning this podcast for months, and had a whole range of topics scheduled, but we’ve decided to record this special episode because the world is facing a big challenge right now: the Coronavirus. 

In this episode Janice talks about how she is preparing and adapting her life, and how she thinks about the situation. This is relevant for anyone who is having to adapt to new ways of doing things and new challenges each day.



The Weekly Spark for Music Teachers is a podcast designed to help music teachers everywhere connect and find a little “spark” of mindset and energy to start their day.

Its a quick little ten minute does of mindset, energy, motivation and FUN for music teachers on a weekly basis!

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