Four Cool Online Videos For Music Teaching

Need a little inspiration and fun in your music classroom?  There are so many tools that teachers can use to gain momentum for themselves and gain their students’ attention! This post is about sharing one of those tools - that is the power of using cool online videos. You can use these videos to catch

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10 Music Theory Jokes for every occasion

This collection of 10 music theory jokes is one of the many Fun Music Company of Tools for #FunMusicTeachers. In this series of articles we aim to give teachers lots of ideas and resources for making their music lessons FUN! Why use Humor in music theory? Having a few music theory jokes in the memory

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4 Unique Ways to Reclaim the Joy of Teaching

Whether you’re just hopping into teaching for the first time - first off welcome!- or you’ve been teaching for a while, you’re sure to hit a bit of stagnancy at some point. Let’s talk about some fun and different ways to help you reclaim that energy back over the break. These three ideas don’t take

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