Today’s episode is talking about the ultimate source of resourcefulness: the power of connecting to the reasons why we do what we do.

Particularly at this time, when the world is facing some major challenges – we all need to connect with our reasons why to have the motivation to get going in the morning.

Many teachers around the world are being asked to teach remotely: teaching via the internet right into students homes. This is something that most of us would have never considered even a possibility a few months ago, and yet here we are doing it. 

So with being asked to teach remotely, plus the frustrations that are a part of our regular jobs, we need to find more resourcefulness inside of ourselves to make things happen, and this podcast will give you a few ideas to think about to help in this area.



The Weekly Spark for Music Teachers is a podcast designed to help music teachers everywhere connect and find a little “spark” of mindset and energy to start their day.

Its a quick little ten minute does of mindset, energy, motivation and FUN for music teachers on a weekly basis!

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