This episode is about how to deal with a bad day… and what to do when life’s inevitable challenges come up one after the other – like happens to all of us from time to time.

There are so many things in life that we’re not in control of – we’re not in control of the weather, we’re not in control of what else is going on, and we’re not in control of the crazy situation that we all find ourselves in right now!

However what is the one thing that we ARE in control of? The thing that if we do control it… it can make our day a whole lot better and stop it spiraling out of control. You’ll find out what this one thing is in this podcast episode.



The Weekly Spark for Music Teachers is a podcast designed to help music teachers everywhere connect and find a little “spark” of mindset and energy to start their day.

Its a quick little ten minute does of mindset, energy, motivation and FUN for music teachers on a weekly basis!

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