The Weekly Spark ep4: How to deal with a bad day

2020-05-14T01:21:14+00:00By |

This episode is about how to deal with a bad day… and what to do when life's inevitable challenges come up one after the other - like happens to all of us from time to time. There are so many things in life that we’re not in control of - we’re not in control of

The Weekly Spark ep1: This storm will pass

2020-05-14T01:23:06+00:00By |

In this first episode of the Weekly Spark for Music Teachers Janice Tuck shares some thoughts about how music teachers can adapt to the current situation the world finds itself in.  The idea behind this podcast is to provide Music Teachers with a little bit of mindset and motivation to get going through their day,

Should I cancel my concert?

2020-03-10T23:51:56+00:00By |

Today I have a question from a member of our mailing list, and its something that is on all of our heads right at the moment, as right now the world has a big challenge - and that is this Coronavirus disease which is appearing everywhere. The question is “Should I cancel my concert?” -

1: Weekly Spark for Music Teachers Trailer

2020-03-09T04:03:38+00:00By |

The weekly spark for Music Teachers is a podcast presented by Janice Tuck, creative director of the Fun Music Company. The weekly spark is a weekly dose of mindset and energy from everything Janice has learned from hundreds of mentors in the personal development field - applied to music teaching.  Its a ten minute podcast

How To Teach Music

2018-09-20T07:31:45+00:00By |

Listening. Playing. Reading. Creating. For anyone about to teach music of any curricula, these words all pose many questions and unknowns looking more academic than practical making it all way too hard. For many teachers it all just sounds way too confusing, stopping them from even starting in the first place. With National standardized government

Out of the Blue…

2017-06-26T02:02:09+00:00By |

This week’s video is very different- I was on a bike ride and got to a windy cliff overlooking the sea ... and some insights about my week suddenly came to me. Here’s what it looked like (along with some unexpected insights into life and teaching that I had this week after I took some

It’s about the rules we make…only to break!

2017-06-05T01:23:06+00:00By |

Have you ever had times where things just don’t feel like they’re ever coming together and yet had other times where it’s all been so easy? I was reflecting on it this morning on my run and I realized that there have been two major milestones which have felt well, easier, and in the past

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