What a curriculum asks us to do in creating a music listening curriculum is not actually that easy in practice!

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Here at the Fun Music Company we LOVE looking through curriculum documents, created by government departments and education authorities. I am only a little bit “tongue-in-cheek” as I write that! Seriously, we do actually enjoy it! Its a really interesting aspect of our work here - getting down to the nitty-gritty of working out what

3 Empowering videos to help recharge the music teacher in you.

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We LOVE July!! Why? Because this is the one time of the year that music teachers everywhere in the world are recharging, resetting, getting away from the stress of day to day teaching, writing reports and dealing with rowdy kids. From gaining renewed inspiration to discovering new ideas and re-focusing, here are three empowering and

38: My Favorite Strategies for Music Funding “Cuts”

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Before we started the Fun Music Co, I taught in schools with little or no budget, and schools which went through “budget cuts”. Then when we started our own music school, there was no funding!! We just had to find a way to bootstrap ourselves to success. These days, we still get no outside funding

36: How to NEVER take offence

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Whether you’ve ever been involved in a conflict that leaves you feeling like you want to quit your teaching job or someone lashes out at you for seemingly nothing, these moments can serve as triggers for blame and feeling unworthy. This episode is about redefining the meaning we give to those moments. Rather than seeing

10 Funny Popular Music Jokes for any occasion

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Do you need some quick one-liner music jokes? Here at the Fun Music Company we're dedicated to creating lots of tools for #FunMusicTeachers to create fun and exciting music lessons, and Music Jokes are a really key tool for teachers to use. So today we thought we'd share a few that are based around popular

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