music composition lesson plan for grade one

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Looking to create a music composition lesson plan for grade one, but don’t know where to start? Well read on ... Teaching composition when young children can barely read or play a note is hard! And most teachers aren’t trained in the area of composition and most teachers aren’t composers! So where do you start

The Power of embracing your NEW!

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Have you ever been in that season of “something needs to change here”? It’s that feeling of balancing where you are now with climbing that “great teacher” mountain. It’s balancing that reality of what’s really going on right now with what you truly want. It’s about all the things you have to do to get

The New Australian Curriculum (version 9) has been released. This is what it means for music teachers in Australia.

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After a long delay which was extended due to COVID, The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) have released the final version of the new Australian Curriculum. This represents the first major change in the Australian curriculum for Arts:Music, since the original version was released in 2014. You may be confused to see

50: Don’t Quit: Utilise the power of constant improvement.

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If the thought of getting through the last few weeks of school, new curriculum updates or starting from scratch again next term gives you a rash just thinking about it, I don’t blame you. Teaching can be “stress city”. Instead I’ve pulled together some resources that will get you to re-focus, so you can show

Four Fun and Inspirational Videos for Music Teachers

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From gaining renewed inspiration to discovering new ideas and re-focusing, here are some  fun and inspirational videos to help recharge your music teacher batteries! 1. Never underestimate your impact as a teacher!  Watch this video of Adele being surprised by a teacher who inspired her. Adele only had this teacher for one year and yet

49: Could “Minding The Gap” work for you?

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Can you remember when you were filled with thoughts, dreams and ambitions about the impact you’d create when you started teaching? That’s how most of us live our early lives - until the real world brings us back to reality and we start teaching in a school where we hit major obstacles. Whether your students

What it means to serve

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If you think that music teaching comes down to you and teaching the students and that’s where it begins and ends, this episode is for you. I’m sharing the four keys to focus on so that you can teach to your full capacity, with total enthusiasm, so that you can take back your joy

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