The Right Tools for Music Theory are very important

I don’t know how many times I have found a student using a pen or inappropriate pencil for their music theory homework. Music is an art form, and when writing music on manuscript the dots, lines and curves are a graphical representation of that art. Therefore students need to develop a manuscript style of their

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Making Music Worksheets effective in the music class

There are a great many books and worksheets for the teaching of music theory available. Many of these are excellent, and well written and researched for the instruction of music theory. 
There is one thing that over everything else makes certain worksheets and educational materials more effective in this area. This one thing is an

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What exactly ARE Music Theory Fun Sheets?

What exactly ARE Music Theory Fun Sheets? Music Theory Fun Sheets are Worksheets designed for music teachers to use in music classes and for individual theory instruction. They are supplied in Digital Format so that you self print them - as many times as you need! Music Theory Fun Sheets are not normal worksheets because:

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What Music Theory Rock Musicians need to know

Here are a few basic ideas about what music theory rock music students really need, and what they don't! If they are playing drums there is very little point in them learning to read the bass clef or treble clef notes - you’ll want to focus on Drum clef notation and rhythm. Concentrate on the

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Music Theory for Rock Musicians

Thoughts from our Editor Kevin Tuck: I always found it an interesting experience to play in a Rock Band. I played the drum kit in a wide variety of styles of music from rock and roll through light pop. had a background in classical music - my mother made me play piano as a young

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Simple ideas which will help you write lesson plans for music lessons

An indispensable tool for music teachers is the lesson plan. They are very important to the success of both one lesson and the teachers career in general. There is nothing like the old saying “If you don’t prepare, then prepare to fail”. Once you have a bit of experience under your belt however, then preparing

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