Resources For Teaching Percussion in the Music Classroom

Music Classrooms can often have loads of percussion instruments laying around. The question is what do you do with them all? Sure, you can play simple rhythms and percussion grids with them, but what do you do beyond this when your students are ready to learn bigger, more inspiring ensemble pieces? For a start, there

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What to do with an ensemble of Drummers!

Just a quick one today - to let you know about my Husbands website - Kevin is a really established percussion teacher, and has done heaps of work composing works for percussion that really work in a school situation. One of the things that he has successfully done over the years is create ensembles

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Unique Opportunity for your school percussion ensemble in 2008

Have you ever wanted something unique to happen for your percussion ensemble in your school? There is a unique opportunity happening from My Husbands site, in January this year. Your school percussion ensemble can get their very own commissioned work for percussion by securing one of these packs of music. In this pack you'll

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