The science of dealing with constant criticism

Being happy in the school workplace especially at this busy time of the year is critical to your longevity, happiness and success in teaching, and by extension the happiness and success of your students”. But often as the end of year approaches, we’re left with the feeling of not being able to do anything right

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44: The wisdom of gratitude

Have you ever had a time where you just wake up and you don’t know how to do what you’re supposed to do and teach your classes? Or have beyond just one day, have you ever experienced a period of time where it feels like motivation left the building or you’re a bit lost, or

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3 Super Simple Systems for Stress- Free Music Teaching

It doesn’t matter what area of music we’re teaching- instruments, theory, curriculum or something new- there is a non-negotiable that is essential and helps save us from all the stress, fear and nerves about teaching music! This non-negotiable allows us to go through each lesson with confidence, creativity and strategy. Let’s dive into what my

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36: How to NEVER take offence

Whether you’ve ever been involved in a conflict that leaves you feeling like you want to quit your teaching job or someone lashes out at you for seemingly nothing, these moments can serve as triggers for blame and feeling unworthy. This episode is about redefining the meaning we give to those moments. Rather than seeing

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