36: How to NEVER take offence

Whether you’ve ever been involved in a conflict that leaves you feeling like you want to quit your teaching job or someone lashes out at you for seemingly nothing, these moments can serve as triggers for blame and feeling unworthy. This episode is about redefining the meaning we give to those moments. Rather than seeing

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4 Unique Ways to Reclaim the Joy of Teaching

Whether you’re just hopping into teaching for the first time - first off welcome!- or you’ve been teaching for a while, you’re sure to hit a bit of stagnancy at some point. Let’s talk about some fun and different ways to help you reclaim that energy back over the break. These three ideas don’t take

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31: Progress vs Perfection

Progress and perfection do not mean the same things. One is much more important than the other. In this episode Janice explains why making progress on your skills in music are more important than the perfection of having completed that course or obtaining mastery in a specific area. Free Fun Music Ukulele Teaching Resources: https://funmusicco.com/teaching-ukulele-lesson-plans/

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