16: What does it take to have a breakthrough?

In this episode of the Weekly Spark for Music Teachers, Janice Tuck talks about what it takes to have a breakthrough in life, whether it be a breakthrough in our own lives, a breakthrough in our teaching, or a breakthrough in our students.   Recently Janice ran a marathon for the very first time, and

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16: How changing your response to a default question can change your day

In this episode Janice Tuck talks about how one simple change to what you say in response to the default question of “how are you” can radically change how you feel and how others respond to you. Whenever we see a friend or a colleague for the first time in a day,  "how are you"

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15: How one speech radically changed the course of one of our most successful programs

This episode is a special tribute to the wonderful speaker and inspirational educational mentor, Sir Ken Robinson, who passed away recently at the age of 70 after a battle with cancer. In this episode Janice Tuck talks about how the message in Sir Ken’s famous TED talk of 2016 resonated with her and her team

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14: One of the most important gifts we give as music teachers

In this episode Janice Tuck puts her music advocacy hat on once again, to talk about one of the most important gifts that we give our students. Music Advocacy is really important for anyone who teaches music - the ability to share information about the benefits of learning music with students and parents is something

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13: Just told: no singing, no instruments. Any suggestions?

In this episode of the weekly spark for Music Teachers, Janice Tuck addresses the issue of what music teachers can do in lessons when they’re told that they can’t sing or play any instruments due to COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive effect on all teachers, but particularly music teachers, as we’re being

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12: The one thing we can control

In this episode of the Weekly Spark for Music Teachers, Janice Tuck talks about one thing that we all can control - and that is our mindset. We’re not in control of a lot of things in our life - our students, our school administrators, and things that happen to us from day to day.

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11: Do more of what you love

In this episode Janice Tuck talks about the mindset needed to get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want. Despite the challenges that we are all facing right now, there are those who are doing well, even in such challenging times. Despite the challenges of COVID-19 - some people are

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10: Assessments: How we assess our students and assess ourselves

In this episode Janice gets excited about assessment! At the Fun Music Company we are working hard on a new product at the moment for Ukulele, and we’ve been putting together a series of assessments for this new program. This led us to think about the language that we use on rubrics and assessments -

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