Do Musical Kids = Smart Kids?

Young Children Enjoying their music lesson

Do music teachers imagine that musical kids are smarter or is it real? Here is a link to an interesting blog by which refers to some great you tube videos, researchers and in the blog, she challenges you to prove her wrong!

The article is called : Music Makes Kids Smarter- Prove Me Wrong and you’ll find it on Sharon Burch’s Blog. Sharon is a music teacher, clinician and author who has a masters degree in education.

But what are your thoughts? Do you think music makes kids smarter? What first hand experiences and proof can you share with other music teachers to help with this discussion.


  • By Dave Owen Reply

    I think the power of music is under-emphasized because it’s harder to quantify. I was exposed to classical music at a young age and after hearing a few pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Ravel, etc. I started to pick up little details to classify and categorize them. You can’t construct a curriculum to teach the finer intuitive skills of relationships and similarities, but you can expose them to intricate music and let them exercise those muscles. A lot is going on in that brain when you’re listening to a piece and trying to tell if it’s Verdi or Rossini.

  • By Innesa Reply

    From my teaching experience music lessons help child to develop some discipline, concentration and patience, the ability to play instrument increases confidence and self-esteem.

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