At the Fun Music Company we’ve been noticing a bit of a trend. Many of our new members and friends come along because they have heard about the resources we provide through a friend or colleague.

We know this because when someone orders a product from us there is a question on the order form which asks where the person heard about us. An increasing number of people have been writing “from a friend” instead of the usual answer of “google search” or “over the internet”.

We’ve also had a few teachers use our affiliate program, but for many the technical issues with this are hard to manage, so we’ve been searching for something much more simple.

We know that our customers will tell others wether we ask them to or not, so we’d like to give them something back for their loyalty and support!

So here it is…… the brand new, easy to use………..

Refer a Friend Program

This is how it works:

1) Members are given a special “coupon code” to share with their friends. This will give their friend 10% off their first order with us. We also ask that the friend enter the referring members name in the “where did you hear about us” box.

2) Once we get this coupon code and the name of the member who referred us, we’ll send that member a discount code offering them 50% off their next purchase. If you are a member who has purchased just one product from us this can save you up to $35 on your next purchase with us. You can use it immediately, or save it until we release a new product.

With the large number of new products we have in the pipeline for 2009 members will be able to save heaps of money on the latest music teaching resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a discount code and how does it work?

A discount code is simply a word that you type into the special box on our order forms – It automatically calculates your discount before you purchase.

Where do I get the code to pass onto my friends?

It is available inside the Fun Music Company members area.

Do I need to make a purchase to participate?

Yes – this is for members who have purchased one of our products in the past, including Printable Music Games, Instant Print Music Lessons or the Junior Musicianship system.

What if my friend forgets to write my name in?

We have an infallible backup system – honesty!

If you know you referred someone and they didn’t write your name in just let us know, and as long as you can tell us what their name is and the approximate date they purchased something just let us know and we’ll send you your bonus 50% discount code.

Can I get cash commissions instead?

Not with this program, but if you wish the Fun Music Company affiliate program is still operating. This is an alternative and you can do this as well if you wish!