Did you know that we have a lessons plans free sample page available so you can try out entire lessons with your classes?

This is what it looks like:

When you get to this page, all you need to do is press the pdf button next to each topic to get a full fact sheet, a printable music fun worksheet, a comprehensive list of useful and relevant resources and more teaching ideas ad activities to use within your classes.

For the History of Rock and Roll topic, you’ll get access to the very first topic in the whole series. This is a perfect way for you to try it out and see how it goes before you use it or for  a one- off  lesson.

You’ll get;

  • A lesson fact sheet for the topic “How Did Rock Begin?” – Your students will go into an exciting journey and understanding of the first rock and roll artists such as Bill Haley and Chuck Berry ,their crazy stage antics and will find out what made rock and roll so popular to teenagers back in the 1950’s.
  • A “fill in the gap” lesson fact sheet for “How Did Rock Begin?”- If you  like your students to be actively listening and taking notes while you’re discussing new topics,  this could  be useful to you. It’s a full fact sheet (same as above), but it misses the key points and leaves gaps for the students to fill in to help encourage active listening.
  • A list of resources and links for”How Did Rock Begin?”- This will give you access to one of our private webpages which will link you to all the relevant  itunes links you need for teaching this lesson at the click of a button. If it’s Youtube videos you’re looking for then you can visit my “History Of Rock Videos: How Did Rock Begin?” Blog I’ve put together and show the videos directly to your classes.
  • A fun Worksheet for “How did Rock Begin?” – after you’ve discussed the lesson with your students, this fun worksheet will help them revise and extend their new found knowledge with a word trivia game and a mobile phone coding activity. But Beware! They won’t be able to do the worksheet very easily until they’ve understood the fact sheet first.
  • A list of extra activities you can do within your classes-I’m sure you’ll agree with me that there’s no better way to learn a topic than to do it. In this list of ideas, there are three creative, relevant to today and effective ideas to get your students talking, discussing and writing about these early rock and roll artists.

These lesson plan ideas are designed for you to print and use straight away so going to this one page alone  should cut down your preparation time dramatically, especially  if you need a lesson for tomorrow.

To get to this, all you need to is:

  1. Visit this login page at: http://funmusicco.com/music-lesson-plans/ , fill in your name and email and click the red sign that say’s “sign up now”
  2. Check your email inbox – within minutes, you’ll get a special link to take you this samples page.

Let me know how you use them in your classes, what lesson plan you found most effective and please put your feedback in the comment box below.

History of Rock and Roll