Have you ever tried teaching “Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra” by Benjamin Britten before?

Sounds easy to any music teacher doesn’t it. You get the recording, print off a few worksheets , get the kids to label a few instruments and charts about the Orchestra and Presto! there’s your module right……

All except one thing…It’s boring!

Lets face it- Putting on the narrated version of the recording puts anyone to sleep before the first note’s even played .To the kids, it just seems “dated”. The talking makes them feel like they’ve entered a time warp and they just don’t seem to connect with it.

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve stumbled some online games that may be useful. There is no “dated” narration, it’s interactive for the kids to play, it’s simple to follow and it’s free!

The online game resource is called the “Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures”, and the Young Persons Guide To the Orchestra is an adventure with the characters Violet and Uncle Ollie through a jungle to find all the members of the Symphony Orchestra. Through the adventure, kids will be required to listen to The Piece and Listen to clues about each instrument and how an Orchestra is arranged and organized.

So thank you to the team at “Carnegie Hall ” for putting together a fun approach to learning the Instruments of the Orchestra through this Classic – they deserve to be congratulated!

Simply Click here to get started with the game!