If you’re teaching music at the primary or elementary school level and want some fresh ideas for teaching music in your school, we’ve created a free resource archive of music teaching ideas (including these 6 activities below) and all their accompanying resources designed to help make music easier to teach and fun for students to do.

Here are 6 examples of the types of activities you can expect:

1.Moving from Singing into Playing: Learn how students can quickly move from singing a song through to learning some simple tuned percussion parts in grade two in a few easy steps.

2. Fun Action Song for Grade One: Learn this wonderful fun action song called “Kye Kye Kule” to inspire grade one students to sing and play their first classroom instruments.

Grade Three Tuned Percussion Lesson: A fun way to introduce xylophones, glockenspiels and how to play simple repetitive patterns called ostinati.

3. Treasure Island Music Theory Quizzes: These Treasure island quiz games will get your students to test their music theory knowledge while they find clues to answer the trivia treasure question at the end.

4. Stravinsky Listening activity: A fun music appreciation activity for junior high school students learning about some amazing music from Igor Stravinsky.

5. Ukulele Playing Exercises: if you’ve ever wanted to get your students started with playing melody and chord patterns on their ukuleles, you can do it in minutes with these three fun beginning activities!

6.Boomwhacker Piece for Primary or Elementary: In a few minutes, your young students will be having fun playing this fun warm up tune called “Elephants Walk, Monkeys Run”

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All you need to do to get free access is join here : Lesson Ideas and Resources for Primary or Elementary Music Lessons. You’ll find an introductory video to explain the archive,  what it is and each week we send via email  a new idea to try with your classes saving many hours of preparation time. So far we’ve built a library of 100+ videos and resources, so bookmark the link and make sure once you join, you keep coming back because we’re always adding new ideas!