If you’re teaching music at the primary or elementary level and want some fresh ideas for teaching music in your school, we’ve created a free series of six videos and all accompanying resources designed to help make music easier to teach and fun for students to do.

About the Resources
The free resources comprise of six independent activities taught to you via an instructional video by me (Janice Tuck, Co-Founder of the Fun Music Company) and includes all the resources you might need to accompany the activity. If you use flashcards in the classroom or studio, there are printable versions of the resources or worksheets included in an easy print download. If you have access to an interactive whiteboard there are free downloads of the activities for you to use instantly. Whatever the resources you choose to use, we’ve aimed to make each resource easy to understand and achievable to teach without any lesson preparation needed.

Here’s what you can expect from each activity:

1. Composition Activity

This is a great five minute filler for young classes that will get them reading music, composing and playing music that sounds great within minutes and you will be able to use it over and over again. Included with this instructional video are interactive whiteboard downloads and one traditional flashcard version to print out included with this instructional video. For the activity, students simply drag, drop or stick rhythmic notation onto a stave and practice playing it with musical instruments. The best part of the resource is that once a short piece has been composed by the class, they can play along with it on a pre-prepared sequence that makes their playing sound great.

2. Rhythm Clock Game

This is a fun game to help students play simple rhythms. In this video, I’ll show you how to play the game with traditional whiteboard, pens and flashcards, but we’ve also included a downloadable whiteboard version complete with a backing track to help make the game come alive!

3. Practical Playing Ideas

This instructional video is a 3 in 1! to get your classes warmed up there’s a rhythm echo clapping activity- where the teacher claps a rhythm and the students clap a rhythm back to encourage listening. Then there’s a short rhythm reading activity that can be played on untuned percussion instruments with a backing track to help make rhythm playing keep in time and sound great. Then there’s a rhythm piece for the whole class to gain more extended skills. The whole activity will probably take at least 10-15 minutes of your class time and is a start to meaningful rhythm playing.

4. Pitch Bingo Game

Always have a game ready with this ready use bingo game. It is suitable for any class age or ability ranging from elementary , but I’ve found that even students up to junior high level still love it. Simply print out the materials you need – there are bingo game cards, some flashcards and a there’s an interactive whiteboard version to use. Simply use what you need.

5. Morse Code Game

If you’re upper primary kids love codes, then this is the perfect game to help introduce listening skills. In this game students will use high low pitches or short and long sounds to decode words. Make sure you watch the video and print out he accompanying code sheet so you can see how it all works.

6.Dice Rhythm Game

With this fun team game, you’ll get your students understanding basic rhythm notation and counts within minutes! Simply print out the flashcards or use the interactive version to set it up.

Getting Access
All you need to do to get access is to log in with your name and email address at our web page: Lesson Ideas and Resources for Primary or Elementary Music Lessons. Here you’ll find an introductory video to explain it every week for the next six weeks, we’ll send you a new idea to try for free. Also by entering your details, you’ll get free access to any new instructional videos, any exclusive Fun Music Co offers and our monthly newsletter.