Marking some of the earliest footage of Rock and Roll music, this Bill Haley classic called “Rock around the Clock” brought teenagers to their feet as they couldn’t help but dance as they heard it, much to their parents disapproval.
This is a perfect discussion piece for a music class and below are some questions and activities to start off some interest.

Video Discussion questions:

What was so special about this music when it appeared in 1950’s?

What do you notice about the dress of the people in the clip?

Who do you think this song appealed to most?

What do you think were some of Bill Haleys most “liked” attributes?

What were some of Bill Haleys other famous Hits?

How many instruments were in the band?

What are the instruments used?

What style or genre of music is this from? It’s sometimes referred to as another term as well, do you know what it is?

What is the time signature of the clip?

What were the main features of this clip?

Are there any solo passages in this piece? If so what were the features?

What were your favourite parts of the performance?

Give this clip a rating out of 10

Try this:
Can you fill in the gaps? Let me know how you go by using the comment box below and for more information on Bill Haley other Rock and Roll artists, check out these  lesson plans on rock and roll music

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