When I was asked to teach a half hour class of 35 kids (aged 8 to 16) before their regular teacher could be there, a friend and I came up with this idea:

Build “note pizzas” by giving 6 groups each a set of a Pizza pan and 1 whole note (whole pizza) 2 half notes (half pizzas) 4 quarter notes (quarter pizzas) and 8 eighth notes (eighth pizzas). They had to cooperatively build pizzas with any arrangement of the notes, and 1 member of the group was a recorder. There are 10 possible pizzas to come up with, and to make it more complicated you could add the same size pizzas slices as rests. We rewarded the first 2 teams who came up with 10 correctly recorded results packs of pringle pizza sticks but you don’t really need a reward. It took about 25 minutes for all the results to be handed in.

Submitted by Marta Mcguire