Discovering Music History in your lesson Planning

Learning about Music History is a bit like learning to eat your vegetables as a child. If you approach it in an authoritative way and say “You must eat your Vegetables” - and don’t enjoy them yourself you’ll have quite a hard time! (P.S. I know this because I currently have a three year old!)

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Listening Resources for a music lesson about Joseph Haydn

Planning music lessons? here are a couple of listening ideas to help you create some fun music resources for your lessons. This video recording is an entertaining version showing the musicians leaving the stage during the last movement, as they did in the first performance of this work in 1772. Trumpet Concerto: 3rd Movement This

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Learn about the sound of angels: The Harp

Have a look at the length of the string, and discus the effect on its pitch Ask students to predict whether longer strings will create lower-pitched sounds or vice versa. Ponder this with your students: Why do you think people use the word “low” to describe pitches of lesser frequency and “high” to describe pitches

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Teaching Music Students Baroque Music

Here are a few ideas you can include if creating a music lesson plan about Baroque composer G.F. Handel. These days Handel's keyboard music is most often performed on a piano. However, pianos were not around in Handel's day and the music was originally written for an instrument called a harpsichord. Do some research on

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Music Lesson ideas to share with a class about Mozart

There are numerous resources and lesson plans available from this website to help you if you are planning music lessons. In Salzburg, Austria, Mozart's childhood house has been turned into a museum. Design the front cover of a brochure advertising the Museum by briefly describing who Mozart was, what may be see in the Museum

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