In today’s episode we’re tackling an important topic: How to create lasting fulfillment, no matter what in music teaching.

Because music teaching can be a mixed bag, right? Our emotions can range from utter exhilaration to total exhaustion, sometimes in minutes which can ultimately lead to sadness about what we do as teachers.

Sometimes it only takes one student to tell us that music isn’t important to them to completely throw ourselves off track and  the effects of a few can be devastating to a career.

So, in today’s episode of music teachers Q&A, we’re covering some initial thoughts and steps to form a framework and mindset to create lasting fulfilment and meaning in life as a music teacher or working within education.

This is  a summary of some of the thoughts I share based on my own personal learning and  coaching I’ve received from some amazing mentors.

This is what you’ll  learn in this video:

  • Convincing students that music is “good for them” is like telling them to eat their vegetables….
  • Instead of trying to convince others, work on convincing yourself first because If your inner self is strong, you’ll radiate your thoughts and you’ll role model it rather than speak it.
  • Learn to come up up with reasons that move you to do why you do what you do and saying them to yourself internally results in the care you show to your students.
  • Remember you’re in control of what you focus on – it’s a personal choice to choose to focus on one negative or the many positives that happen to you everyday.
  • Creating more empowering meanings for ourselves result in less stress, more gratitude and more fulfilment and we are in control. 

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, tell me:

  1. What are the biggest challenges you face as a music teacher right now?
  2. What are your hopes and dreams for now and your future as a music teacher?
  3. What part of this conversation was the most impactful for you?

Feel free to share as much detail as you wish in your reply because ironically, being a music teacher in a busy school can often feel isolating and this is a place we can really understand together. Your story could provide a very powerful shift and new perspective for someone else in a similar situation and can ultimately help us all to keep more fulfilled in work and in life. If you don’t feel comfortable posting publicly here then you can email me personally at any time. 

Thank you so much for taking your personal time to read, watch and share this content. The time you spend here is something I never take for granted and I will always appreciate you for talking honestly and with the passion you put into your career.

Kind Regards,


P.S. Here is Sir Ken Robinson’s famous Ted Talk, mentioned in my video above: