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SubLessonsCover render Products Substitute Music Lessons

Seven simple, easy to use lesson plans that anyone can use to teach a music lesson on a moments notice. Ideal to share with your substitute teacher, or for emergency situations where you need to come up with something for a class quickly!

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bandwarmups book Products Band Warm Ups Collection

A comprehensive colletion of the best ideas for warming up a concert band, sourced from the knowledge and wisdom of over 200 Band directors world-wide.

30 Warmup tunes in a logical, progressive manner, which range from scales for beginner band through to sightreading for more advanced bands.

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Classic Products

pmtb level1 cdboxclosed Products Printable Music Theory Books Level One

A complete system for helping students learn the fundamentals of music theory. Covers everything in Grade One Theory from the examination boards around the world.

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pmtb level2 cdboxclosed Products Printable Music Theory Books Level Two

Learn more than the fundamentals with this Level two theory course. Covers scales, the cycle of 5ths, Simple and Compound Time and transposition.

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pmtb3 cdcoverclosed300 Products Printable Music Theory Books Level Three

The third level in this series covers major and minor keys, transposition and a comprehensive introduction to the study of harmony. Both Classical and Jazz styles are covered.

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covers funmusiccostandard pmtb4 200 Products Printable Music Theory Books Level Four

The last installment in this series covers harmony (both traditional and jazz based) in detail, plus an introduction to scale modes, advanced rhythm concepts and counterpoint.

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Printable Music Games

mergeimage600x275 Products
pmg cdboxclosed Products An original collection of 20 unique games with hundreds of variations. Ideal for any type of music education situation. button learnmore Products


pmlp musicalinstrumentgames cdboxclosed Products Printable Music Lesson Plans Module One
Instruments of the Orchestra

Everything you need for an entire module of work based around standard musical instruments

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pmlp greatcomposers cdboxclosed Products Printable Music Lesson Plans Module Two
The Great Composers

15 Lessons on selected composers from the Barque through to the 20th Century. Interesting trivia and modern activities keep students engaged throughout the topic and helps them learn essential musical knowledge and musicianship

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historyofrock cdincase Products Printable Music Lesson Plans Module Three
The History of Rock and Roll

15 Lessons starting with Bill Haley and Chuck Berry, and running through to the stars of Rock Music Today. This module gives an overview of the development of the Rock Style over the last 50 years.

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jazzandbluescdcoverclosed 300 Products Printable Music Lesson Plans Module Four
Great Artists of Jazz and Blues

Explore the development of Jazz with your students. From its humble beginnings with the Ragtime of Scott Joplin, through the Big Band and Swing Eras, through to Be-Bop and influences in Blues and Rock and Roll.

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covers funmusiccostandard pmlp5 200 Products Printable Music Lesson Plans Module Five
World Music

Suitable for upper elementary or junior high school, in this module of work your students will explore quite literally a world of different musical styles. Covers everything from African drumming through to to Indonesian gamelan and Japanese Taiko.

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Junior Musicianship System

A complete system of worksheets designed especially for youngest learners.jmcsample Products
jms cdboxclosed Products Junior Musicianship System

Over 200 Worksheets designed to make music learning more effective and enjoyable for young children. (Ideal for 4-7 year olds)

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choirwarmupscover 200 Products

Fun Choir Warmups
The Secrets of choral directors worldwide

A collection of fun warmup ideas for choirs and singing groups. Includes traditional warmup exercises and fun warmup tunes.

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wml fulldvdcoverclosed300 Products Whiteboard Music Lessons Module 1

Introduction to Music

A complete lesson curriculum for early elementary/primary school for music lessons.

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wml2 dvdcover 300 Products Whiteboard Music Lessons Module 2

Music Jam

A curriculum for middle elementary/primary school featuring lots of singing, playing, composition, aural training and musicianship games.

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