Find your focus, then double down.

Call me crazy, but I believe that music teaching programs should be kept simple- and there’s no better way than following an uncomplicated view. I originally learned this strategy from another podcaster Gary V and I’ve been putting it into practice with music teaching ever since. Click here to get the resources mentioned in the

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How to teach the Beat Sequencer using iPads

There’s so much technology in the classroom information out there it can make your head spin. But, you don’t have time, the energy or the money to try promising everything to your students under the sun. You just want to know what works best, apply it to your teaching and get the results you need

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25: Do You Have a Vision?

Do you have an image of what you want your teaching career to look like and where you want to grow to in the next few years? There’s no doubt that at times, life gets in the way and can distract us from these goals. This weekend I had the chance to see an unexpected

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