April Fools Day Jokes for Music Teachers

Be A Joker!Well, coming up this week is April 1st – that crazy morning where practical jokes are all fair game!

Putting a little harmless practical joke into your music class on April the 1st will create rapport and build friendships between yourself and the students, and it will liven up everyones life – so have a bit of fun and enjoy yourself!

Music Teachers have a great opportunity – there are quite a few harmless things you can do to trick the students.

We’ve got a few little suggestions which we came up with, however I’m sure that there are lots that we haven’t thought of – so please leave a comment on this page if you’ve got any other ideas that you’d like to contribute.

The great April fools joke is not really about the Joke itself – its about the delivery! You’ve got to completely believe in it and deliver it in all seriousness, and your students will be tricked.. even if just for a few minutes.

1) Are you ready for your exam this afternoon?

This is an old teachers favorite! It works particularly well for private instrumental teachers – you can have your students really believing that they have a practical exam!

The best way to deliver it is to get started immediately with the technical work, and then say something like “Im not sure that’ll be good enough”, or “the examiner won’t give you full marks for that”. Then they’ll say something like “but my exam is a long time away, isn’t it?” – and then you say “no – your exam is this afternoon at 2 o’clock this afternoon, we talked about that last week!” As long as you can say it with a straight face you’ll have them believing it!

2) The Super-hard theory test

This involves some preparation – but worth it if you have the right situation! A theory class can easily be given work that is WAY over their experience level – make them analyze a really complicated piece of music, or write down questions that have absolutely no meaning whatsover – things like this:

“What is the trionic subdominant of the scale that is in the uppermost register of the Alto voice of the third harmonic equivalent of the natural harmonic minor scale of seven sharps?”

Then the final question can be:

“On what day of the year can teachers get away with setting a test full of meaningless questions?”

3)Air Guitar Prank
Since the team here at the Fun Music Company love April Fools so much, we couldn’t resist coming up with a little resource which teachers can download and use at a moments notice.

It’s a code braker test for junior high students. You simply make it sound like a serious ad- promtu exam situation and wait for them to work out the clue which tells each student to do their best air guitar impersonation on the spot. Make sure you have your video camera ready as the chaos breaks out.

All you need to do is watch this video below and download the resources at this page.

4) A Practical Joke for the Wind Band
There are lots of ideas you could use for a band rehearsal on the morning of April 1st –here is one idea:

“Good Morning Class! Last night I met with the headmaster of the school – and this morning we have an important announcement. The headmaster is concerned about the environmental impact that our band is having on the surrounding area – relating to noise pollution. The sound that we make although excellent of course is a few decibels above the prescribed limits in the environmental impact guidelines for schools”

“So long term what we are going to do about it is obviously make some changes to the building in regards to soundproofing, however the headmaster is insistent that we make some changes today. You see there is an inspector from the department of environmental planning in the area, and he wants to make sure that we look like we are going the right thing – just in case this inspector decides to pay us a visit today.”

“Therefore I’m going to hand out a plastic bag and a rubber band to everyone, and we all have to place the plastic bag over the bell of our instrument and secure it with the rubber band – this should muffle the sound sufficiently”

You could do this with plastic bags or cling wrap – or make them stuff tissues up in the bells. Anything that obviously wont do anything harmful to the instruments!

It wont take the students long to work it out – especially when they realize that they really can’t play the instrument with a plastic bag over the bell! It will be worth taking a photograph if you get them all with plastic bags over their bells!

4) Practical joke for guitar and/or electronic instruments

Good morning guitar players – did you hear about the big announcement last night?”

“Its all about the environment, and the focus that all the governments have now on global warming. Apparently guitar amplifiers have been singled out as causing the most environmental pollution of any electronic device. Therefore all guitar amplifers must be converted to battery operation within one month. We’ve all got to take our Amps to the closest music store and ask for a conversion kit to this new clean battery operation that’s been invented.”

“I’m not surprised you hadn’t heard about it – because I hadn’t before last night as well. It was kept quiet because they didn’t want the sales of guitars to drop – and they didn’t want to scare people about what their guitar amps are doing to the environment.. but they’ve come up with this solution.. and all we have to is head down to the music store and ask for this conversion kit.”

5) Getting the class to bring something unusual in

This is one that you can do if you’ve got them the day before – you can say something like this:

“Tomorrow morning we are doing a special project  – now I can’t tell you what it is today… because it’s a surprise just for tommorow.”

“What I’d like you to do is go out to your backyard and see if you can find two different Bird Feathers, and you need to find a way to attach them to yourself or to your instrument.”

“There will be awards for the person who can bring the biggest and/or most unusual feather, or who can attach it in the most interesting way.”

Of course many will be tricked, and then the next day you can get them to play an arrangement of “the chicken dance” – that can be the special project!

There are many other objects that you could convince the class that it was vital for them to bring in the next day, such as a can of sardines, a small stone or rock (good for playing Rock and Roll!) or anything else that would not normally be brought to music class!

Use your imagination and come up with something unusual!

Obviously be sensible and exercise due care when playing jokes – but have a bit of fun and brighten up your day with an April fools joke in your music class!

Hopefully these will have given you an idea that you may be able to adapt to your particular situation. Feel free to leave a comment if you thought up something which worked well and you’d like to share it with others!

The Fun Music Company disclaim all responsibility for the outcome of these jokes! Use them at your own discretion!

Just before you go and try these out, just take a couple of minutes to watch this. It’s a classic!


  • By Owen Bradley Reply

    Great stuff! Too bad this is our Spring Break, but I will just HAVE to try some of this next year!


    • By Janice Reply

      Hopefully you get a chance to get a prank in this year Owen 🙂

  • By kari Reply

    I have long brown hair and usually wear it in a ponytail. Last year, I found a hair-piece ponytail at a discount store that pretty much matched my hair color I put my hair up and put the pony tail over it. While teaching my percussion ensemble, I pretended to get frustrated with them and grabbed my hair. Imagine their amazement when I actually pulled a big gob of it out!

    • By Janice Reply

      What a classic Kari! – You are such a fun teacher and I bet you really got them with that prank 🙂

  • By Marcia Gilbert Reply

    Here’s a idea I just thought of. Pass out a folded sheet of paper (half a sheet to save paper), telling them that it is a test and will be worth a major part of their grade. Tell them to keep the papers folded until instructed by the teacher. When they open it, the paper will read, “April Fool!”

  • By sue Reply

    i don’t get why that vid is fuuny or an april fool….maybe just me but i don’t get it.

    • By Janice Reply

      Hi Sue- it really is a bit of a shock isn’t it, but I’m pretty sure it was all pre planned for April Fools & hopefully it wasn’t a real violin! It was one of the few band specific April Fools pranks on You Tube we could finf for the music classroom. It stopped the talking pretty quickly 🙂

    • By Tami Reply

      If you read the comments, the orchestra teacher went to a thrift shop and bought a super cheap used violin and bow and gave it to his concert master who was in on the joke

  • By Barbara Reply

    Kari – That’s a great one! Good for you being so clever. I would have loved to see your students’ faces. Thanks for sharing this; it made me laugh this morning:)

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