Hi I’m Janice Tuck and welcome to the Music Teachers Blog where we can share the most exciting, inspiring and FUN new ideas for us all to implement into our classrooms and studios around the world.

How many times have we all heard ” Music lessons are less important than Science, Computing or Maths” or ” Music lessons used to be like a form of punishment, being wrapped around the knuckles everytime I played a wrong note” or Music is easy if you have the talent for it” or ” My music teacher was a fruit cake!”…….. The list goes on and on doesn’t it.

Anyone who teaches the “art of music ” knows that these are all myths and the real story is that we all see the benefits that music brings to children around the world each and every single day.

As a group lets become passionately committed to providing the best in education through music. We have the chance to revolutionize the way the subject is taught and to give as many children of all ages access to one of the most important disciplines and skills they could ever learn.

The future vision of this blog is to ensure you access to

interesting and fun lesson plan ideas

– Fun facts and trivia which will inspire

– Reviews on books and products that are at the cutting edge of music education

So lets get to it….

Blogs will be rapidly appearing in this space so make sure you connect this direct to your email or you frequent this post often,

Musically Yours

Janice Tuck.