Here’s an amazing way to start (or finish) the week.

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Here’s our weekly takeaways and life lessons in music captured on video for this week. Enjoy! 1: I don’t think anyone could have ever expected these deep and moving lyrics about lockdown from this lovely music teacher: 2: We were born to love! Watch how these two toddlers demonstrate this beautiful lesson as they meet

8: How do problems become opportunities?

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In this episode of the weekly spark for music teachers Janice talks though ideas for dealing with problems. We all have problems in life - things come up every single day which we have to deal with and we have to find solutions for all the problems that occur in our lives. We all face

3 Simple Steps to Teaching Remote Music

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Even with all this craziness of the pandemic,  we still need teachers. We still need people who are looking to serve, lead and inspire. Basically the world needs you… which means you need to keep showing