music composition lesson plan for grade one

Looking to create a music composition lesson plan for grade one, but don’t know where to start? Well read on ... Teaching composition when young children can barely read or play a note is hard! And most teachers aren’t trained in the area of composition and most teachers aren’t composers! So where do you start

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Substitute Lesson ideas – Musical Bingo

For an emergency substitute lesson I have 2 bingo games. Both are purchased games with game cards and a CD. One game is made up of musical instrument sounds and the other is sound we hear around us. I use the instruments bingo for grades 2 -4 and the sounds bingo for grades K-2. I

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Classroom Music Games – Scribble Music

This is an activity that I use during extra time or to leave for a substitute to do with elementary students. It's an activity called "Scribble Music". The activity teaches students to listen for the differences in fast and slow music. After reviewing the differences between fast and slow, each student lays on the floor

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Classroom Music Games – Round Mania

Take a well known round: I use 'London's Burning' for younger children (KS1 in the UK) and either 'Frere Jacques' or one of the quick to learn African rounds for older children (KS2 in the UK) Make sure that the children are secure with both the words and melody, singing in unison before embarking on

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Classroom Music Games – Music Treasure Hunt

Select 4 contrasting instruments (any that you like…for example a scraping sound, a hitting sound, a shaking sound and a pitched percussion or barred instrument) Each instrument will represent a sound (left, right, forward, backward). Practice moving around the room to the sounds. Choose 4 students to play instruments, 1 to be the “treasure hunter”

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Classroom Music Games – Music Memory

Draw a collection of music symbols on the whiteboard and have the students name them as you do so. After that have them turn their backs (or turn the white board around) and erase one. They must name the missing one. Keep going until they are all gone. Submitted by Lonna Possehl 

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Classroom Games – Playing Musical Words

Using manuscript on a whiteboard draw up notes that spell out a word: (eg. “edge”, “dad”, “face”, “cabbage” etc..) one point is first allocated to a student or team who correctly identifies the word. Then you can get the students to ‘play’ the word on an instrument. The first to accurately play the notes in

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Classroom Games – Note Races

One of the most fun activities my students love is playing “Note Races.”  What you do is go outside to the parking lot (one with no or very little traffic) or any area that is paved or cement.   Then, I have a few students draw five manuscript lines about 6-8 feet long with about 2-3 feet

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