Classroom Management Ideas for Music Teachers

Earlier this week I posted about a competition which we are running at the Fun Music Company, where we are asking for contributions to a new bonus ebook called "The Music Teachers Survival Guide". This will be a bonus that is given away with some of our other products. Some people have emailed me, saying

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Free Music Games

Have you ever tried teaching "Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra" by Benjamin Britten before? Sounds easy to any music teacher doesn't it. You get the recording, print off a few worksheets , get the kids to label a few instruments and charts about the Orchestra and Presto! there's your module right...... All except one

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Things To Do In The Summer

Are you looking for things to do in the summer? What a wonderful time of the year! "Schools Out" in America and the UK for the long summer break and here in Australia, we're soon on short mid year break for the winter.It seems no matter where we live in the world, we all have

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Kids Summer Camps: Go Join the Circus!

Get your best party tricks underway and get ready to roll up - there's a new buzz around that circus skills can help develop not only coordination, but can increase fitness, wellbeing and keep kids 100% engaged....all while having fun! If you know of kids who need activities to do over the holiday period, why

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Elementary Music Lesson Plan

Here are 3 tips for teaching some Basic Music Symbols that you could use in an Elementary Music Lesson Plan. Feel free to use as many or as little as you like and if you would like to add some feedback or extra ideas please feel free to leave a comment. Hope you find them

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Motivating Students with Games

There is something about the word “game” that motivates children and adults alike. When you say  “lets do some work now” how does that compare to “lets play a game now” – I’m sure you’ll agree the differences in enthusiasm are enormous.  I am excited to tell you that there is an excellent article called "Come Play"

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April Fools Day Jokes for Music Teachers

Are you looking for some easy and fun April fools day jokes for music teachers? Coming up this week is April 1st – that crazy morning where April fools Day Jokes are all the rage! Putting a little harmless practical joke into your music class on April the 1st will create rapport and

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