Starting Young is Key to Success

“Learn as much as you can while you are young, since life becomes too busy later.” ~Dana Stewart Scott It’s well known that Exposure to all sorts of experiences for children at young ages is very critical in their early development. Learning languages are a great example of this: the art of learning a whole

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How To Love Teaching a Preschool Music Class

Teaching pre-school music can be either an ultimate teaching experience or it can be a worst nightmare! Is it possible that it all comes down to mindset? There are those teachers that seem to have it all under control with young children, the kids seem balanced and happy and excited, yet attentive and inspired and

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A Preschool Music Lesson from Greece

At the Fun Music Company we are in communication with music teachers from all over the world. These ideas came from a music teacher named Kalliopi Charitaki. It is great to see that music teaching is truly an international language – and that we can all take some small ideas from her work.

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Teaching Music To Children

How to help young children to have fun and retain more in music. I had this question posted to me a few weeks ago and after careful research and consideration have posted this reply. I know this will be of value to many music teachers out there and although the answer is to address teaching

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Making Holiday Music Games

Happy New Year to all the music teachers and parents! If you are looking for Holiday Music Games  to do with Children - Why not check out our Printable Music Games? There are over 20 uinique games with many hundreds of variations. 2007 was a terrific year for us at the Fun Music Company, and we

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music lesson plan for kindergarten

At the Music Teachers Blog we will be posting various lesson plans that we have come up with ourselves, and that teachers have submitted to us. If you'd like to submit your lesson plan we'd be more than happy to post it here on the music teachers blog, and you'll get appropriate credit for it.

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