Is the pencil outdated in the 21st Century Music Classroom?

By Kevin Tuck, editor, Printable Music Theory Books   I’m constantly communicating with music teachers all over the world. Every day I get emails and communicate with teachers via forums and blogs, and I read lots of opinions on the current state of technology in teaching music. A lot of questions recently have concerned iPads

Using Google Interactive's in the Music Classroom

There’s a new music related Google Doodle on the scene that’s set to rival some of the most memorable Doodles yet! The doodle posted on the Google homepage recently was in honour of Dr Robert “Bob” Moog in celebration of his 78th Birthday. For those who are unfamiliar, he was the inventor of the Moog

Classroom Music Worksheets Renamed and Re-released today!

Our team at the Fun Music Company has been hard at work for the last few weeks finishing off a whole revamp of one of our products, which was previously known as Instant Print Music Lessons. Several months ago we decided to completely revise and re-release this product, as we felt that the name "instant

Listening Plans for the music of Beethoven

Here is an essential list of listening for music lesson plans about Beethoven. "Für Elise" Bagatelle in A minor Listen to the beginning of “Fur Elise” and sing together the well-known opening melody (the first nine notes). Now play the whole piece, this time counting how many times melody appears. You could work individually

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Learn by doing – lesson ideas for learing about brass instruments.

There are a few music lesson plan activities you can do which will make learning about Brass instruments in the music class lots of fun The students can make simple brass instruments. You will need a sharp knife or scissors and large plastic bottles (for example soft-drink bottles) Cut the bottom off a plastic bottle.

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