History Of Rock Teaching Resources: Elvis Presley

Here are a few interesting you tube videos and teaching ideas about Elvis Presley that may be useful to you in teaching about the History of Rock and Roll. Hound Dog On the Ed Sullivan Show "Appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show Sept. 9, 1956, Elvis sent shock waves through a repressed nation with his

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Rock and Roll History: Rock Around The Clock

Marking some of the earliest footage of Rock and Roll music, this Bill Haley classic called "Rock around the Clock" brought teenagers to their feet as they couldn't help but dance as they heard it, much to their parents disapproval. This is a perfect discussion piece for a music class and below are some questions

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Resources for Teaching Music Composition

In a recent Music Education Twitter Chat,which took place on April 20th, 2010 EST the question of "What the Most Important Topics to Teach in the Music Classroom" were discussed. I was surprised to find out that many music teachers who participated in the chat thought music composition was not taught enough in schools and

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Teaching Ideas For Using STOMP in a General Music Class

I just found this STOMP Clip that would provide great inspiration for students in the music classroom of approx junior high school standard. Lesson Plan Ideas Make A STOMP Ensemble Have the class watch a portion of a dvd about the group STOMP. Afterwards, the kids should form small groups and pick out unique objects

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Music Lessons for a Substitute Music Teacher

Its here! Last year we ran a competition, where we asked members on our mailing list to submit ideas for our ebook competition. In this competition we asked the question: "What is the single best idea you can give a substitute music teacher, or that you can use yourself when substituting for someone else" The

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Teaching Major Scales: Part 2

A post by Janice on Music Lesson Plans: Worksheets to help with Teaching Major Scales If you need theory worksheet content to help with teaching major scales then you may find that our Printable Music Theory Books could become an invaluable companion in your resource kit. This is a book of comprehensive book of worksheets

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Teaching Major Scales: Part 1

A post by Janice on Music Lesson Plans: A Game to help with Teaching Major Scales If you’ve ever taught music theory, then you would know that it can be difficult to get students to remember the pattern of tones and semitones needed, the scale degree names and for younger students the solfege names in

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