Should I cancel my concert?

Today I have a question from a member of our mailing list, and its something that is on all of our heads right at the moment, as right now the world has a big challenge - and that is this Coronavirus disease which is appearing everywhere. The question is “Should I cancel my concert?” -

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Out of the Blue…

This week’s video is very different- I was on a bike ride and got to a windy cliff overlooking the sea ... and some insights about my week suddenly came to me. Here’s what it looked like (along with some unexpected insights into life and teaching that I had this week after I took some

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Is the pencil outdated in the 21st Century Music Classroom?

By Kevin Tuck, editor, Printable Music Theory Books   I’m constantly communicating with music teachers all over the world. Every day I get emails and communicate with teachers via forums and blogs, and I read lots of opinions on the current state of technology in teaching music. A lot of questions recently have concerned iPads

New Revisions For Printable Music Lesson Plans

Usually our best revision and ideas come from the teachers who are using our resources in the classroom day in day out- Teachers just like you!  This latest revsion is for the set of Claude Debussy resources in the Great Composers -Printable Music Lesson Plans Series. We've just changed the Claude Debussy Fun Sheet to

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