The Australian Curriculum is changing – here is what is happening and how it affects music teachers.

  Just a few days ago, the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) released the Arts consultation curriculum, which is the proposed Australian Curriculum for the Arts, including music. The Australian Curriculum in its current form has been in place since 2015, so a process to review it began in 2020, which is a

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Three keys to getting started with teaching Ukulele

So you want to teach the Ukulele? I don’t know how you’ve found this article. Maybe someone has suggested to you that the ukulele would be a good idea for your music classes, or alternatively perhaps you’ve been teaching the ukulele already for a while, but you’re feeling a bit “stuck in a rut” and

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Here’s an amazing way to start (or finish) the week.

Here’s our weekly takeaways and life lessons in music captured on video for this week. Enjoy! 1: I don’t think anyone could have ever expected these deep and moving lyrics about lockdown from this lovely music teacher: 2: We were born to love! Watch how these two toddlers demonstrate this beautiful lesson as they meet

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Out of the Blue…

This week’s video is very different- I was on a bike ride and got to a windy cliff overlooking the sea ... and some insights about my week suddenly came to me. Here’s what it looked like (along with some unexpected insights into life and teaching that I had this week after I took some

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It’s about the rules we make…only to break!

Have you ever had times where things just don’t feel like they’re ever coming together and yet had other times where it’s all been so easy? I was reflecting on it this morning on my run and I realized that there have been two major milestones which have felt well, easier, and in the past

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Five Classroom Movie Projects to Make Learning Fun

Introducing video technology into the classroom can be a great way to engage kids, make learning fun, and help your students develop an interest in technology. Video is an ideal medium for your students to express themselves, and giving them a copy of their project after it is complete is a fun memento parents will

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