Attention: Classroom Music Teachers

Need Some Music Lesson Plans for Classroom Music?

Check out the topics below:

History of Rock and Roll

Your students will learn all about rock music styles from the 1950’s until today:

  • Covers all the important milestones in rock music history.
  • Includes Interesting facts & trivia
  • Gives a comprehensive overview of the evolution of today’s rock styles.

Your students will LOVE this topic, and these prepared music lesson plans make it easy for you and fun for them!

Instruments of the Orchestra

This module covers the basics of common musical instruments:

  • What they look like
  • What they sound like
  • Instrument Families
  • Their role in the Orchestra

The Great Composers

How do you teach students about composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Bach?

  • Interesting facts about each of the composers
  • Put composers in context with other historical events
  • Opens students to an amazing world of music

Great Artists of Jazz and Blues

A great follow up to The History of Rock and Roll, this unit profiles fourteen amazing jazz greats from Scott Joplin to B.B. King.

  • Learn interesting tid-bits of information about each artist
  • Discuss cultural and ethnic issues in Western history and today
World Music Lesson Plans

World Music

Expose students to a literal world of different musical experiences with this module covering everything from African drumming to Indonesian Gamelan.

  • Interesting activities which allow students to experience this music first hand
  • An extensive listening list, showing you how to find hard-to-get recordings
  • Opens students to an amazing world of music