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Grammy Award Winner to speak at Upcoming Conference

  Kent Knappenberger is a just regular guy, but he has one amazing talent. He’s a music teacher who’s doing some extraordinary things in the music classroom…and now he’s famous! In January 2014 Kent’s work as music teacher and choir director at Westfield Academy and Central School for the past 25 years was recognised when more..

What should a music teacher do when asked to teach performing arts?

What would YOU do in this situation: You’ve taught music at the same school for several years. You enjoy the job, you have a good relationship with your students, and everything is going well. Then one day at the end of the year the principal calls you into their office and says “I think we more..

An easy fundraising opportunity for your local Music Education Association

Are you a member of a music education related Club or Association.. with access to a membership of Music Teachers? If so, then we would like to offer you a unique fundraising opportunity. It wont cost you a cent, it will take very little time or energy, and it has the potential to earn you more..

Leading neuroscientist to join Extensive Speaker line-up

Since the launch of the 2014 Virtual Music Education Conference, we’ve had a mystery guest showing on our page with only a few little hints of who we thought it might be. So we’re extremely excited to be able to announce that we have none other than leading music neuroscientist Dr Daniel Levitin locked in more..

New Research: Music and Language share the same Pathways In The Brain

Music educators, researchers and clinicians have suspected links between music and language learning for a long time, but now there’s even more evidence. Researchers based at Liverpool University have just confirmed that musical training can increase blood flow in the left hemisphere of the brain, suggesting that the area of the brain responsible for music more..

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