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Ideas for teaching Piano to very young children

Most of these Q and A sessions so far have been around topics related to classroom music. However we know that a lot of people on our mailing list aren’t classroom teachers.. they are private studio teachers, teaching instruments like piano, guitar and wind instruments. That is why today’s session is a little bit different, more..

Students with Special Needs in Music Class

Today’s music teacher’s Q and A session is on one of the biggest challenges facing music teachers today. When we asked for questions for these sessions earlier this year we expected a lot of questions on behavior management, classroom routines and technology issues, and that was pretty much what came. However, by FAR the single more..

Keeping a choir rehearsal on track

Do you teach Choir? Do you have trouble getting your rehearsals on track? Are your choristers ‘chatty’ during the warmup? How can we get our choirs on track and motivated from the very start of a rehearsal? These are questions which we are hoping to find a few answers in today’s music Teachers Q and more..

What do you do if you have no funding available?

Today’s discussion in Music Teacher’s Q&A covers an extremely important area for just about any teacher: the issue of what to do when there is little or no funding available for new instruments or resources. The question came from Liz, in Colorado, USA, and she said: “Teaching the music class in low income schools can more..

Using Interactive whiteboard Content without an Interactive Whiteboard

This is the second of our videos in our Bi-Weekly Music Teacher’s Q and A segment. Today’s question is one we get asked a lot at the Fun Music Company concerning Interactive Whiteboards. The question comes from Amy in the USA, and she asks: “How do I access your materials and other interactive whiteboard lessons more..

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