Four Great Music Teaching Ideas Step-by-step

Four Great music teaching ideas Step-by-Step Music Teaching ideas shape our classroom experiences. They impact rapport, engagement, and behavior. Retention rates are influenced too. Teachers crave amazing, GREAT music teaching ideas. They engage and motivate our students. Want the great NEWS? There’s no genius required. You don’t need to have expert skills in

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How to create fun music lessons for k-6 whether you’re teaching from school or at home in a few easy steps.

Have you ever wondered how to start with your music lessons?  Do you start with playing instruments, planning, writing, reading, ... etc?  In this curriculum training session,  I will help you learn the steps to build your primary or elementary music lesson plan and make it EASY and FAST to implement with your classes.  Anybody

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3 Simple Steps to Teaching Remote Music

Even with all this craziness of the pandemic,  we still need teachers. We still need people who are looking to serve, lead and inspire. Basically the world needs you… which means you need to keep showing up and stay on top of your teaching, yet still look after yourself and your family. One of the

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Ultimate Flashcard Set Updated Again!

    Just a quick note today... We've just added another five pages of flashcards to the Ultimate Flashcard Set, bringing the total number of cards in this set to above 580! We've always had a policy with this product that you can request any updates, but recently there has been so few requests... I

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Music Jokes for Teachers

Why do you need Music jokes for teachers? They say laughter is the best medicine! And it’s true! A quick joke can uplift the mood of any classroom, rehearsal, or music lesson. Jokes for music teachers should be fun and positive, even if they poke a little bit of fun! Why do you need Music

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Music Ideas For School

If you’re teaching music at the primary or elementary school level and want some fresh ideas for teaching music in your school, we’ve created a free resource archive of music teaching ideas (including these 6 activities below) and all their accompanying resources designed to help make music easier to teach and fun for students to

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Critical Thinking: Practical Music Teaching Strategies

Incorporating the Socratic Method and Critical Thinking in music education in schools involves creativity and a break from traditional classroom teaching strategies. What are the benefits of Critical Thinking? Critical thinking also known as the Socratic Method is based on the question-and-answer style of teaching accredited to the philosopher Socrates. Critical thinking in music education

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Using Google Interactive's in the Music Classroom

There’s a new music related Google Doodle on the scene that’s set to rival some of the most memorable Doodles yet! The doodle posted on the Google homepage recently was in honour of Dr Robert “Bob” Moog in celebration of his 78th Birthday. For those who are unfamiliar, he was the inventor of the Moog

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