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For Elementary/Primary School

Interactive Whiteboard or Smartboard Music Lessons for lower primary or elementary school

Whiteboard Music Lessons

Module One - Introduction to Music (grades K-2)
Module Two - Music Jam (grades 3-5)
Module Three - Play Up! (grades 6-7)

Complete, prepared lessons for Primary or Elementary School Music.

Boomwhacker Beatz

Watch your class light up as they play along with the fun Boomwhacker Beatz characters, who jump on the screen and show the children where to play.

Primary Percussion Program

Primary Percussion

Lots of fun ideas using percussion for the classroom, including rhythm grooves, simple scores to read and ensemble pieces.

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For Middle School/Junior High School

History of Rock and Roll
Jazz and Blues

Printable Music Lesson Plans

Choose from interesting and engaging topics that will keep your general music classes enjoying their lessons.

Topics include:

Printable Music Theory Books

Interactive Music Theory

A complete program of instruction for music theory including interactive whiteboard materials and a matching printable workbook.

For Private Studio Music Teachers

Printable Music Games

Printable Music Games

Your Students will love these games which are suitable for junior primary through to primary level. Some games such as “Instrument Detective” and “Musical Bingo” are suitable for large classes, while many are ideal for small groups, and “stations” placed around the classroom.

Printable Music Games

Printable Music Theory Books

A complete system of worksheets and assessments for music theory. Available in four levels, these materials are aligned with the major music theory syllabi from around the world.

Junior Musicianship System

Junior Musicianship System

Over 200 Worksheets, designed especially to help the youngest students learn how to read and understand music notation.


What we do at the Fun Music Company

We create teaching resources for music, all with a fun emphasis and which are created and reviewed by the best music educators worldwide.

Products Include:

The Fun Music Company gives you instant access to the music resources you require within minutes, so you can have something for your class the next day!

We also deliver high quality programs on CD-ROM, so that you can prepare the lessons at home, and also take them to school and use as needed.

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