Four Fun and Inspirational Videos for Music Teachers

From gaining renewed inspiration to discovering new ideas and re-focusing, here are some  fun and inspirational videos to help recharge your music teacher batteries! 1. Never underestimate your impact as a teacher!  Watch this video of Adele being surprised by a teacher who inspired her. Adele only had this teacher for one year and yet

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What Makes a Music Teacher Great?

What makes any teacher great? This has been debated for a long time now. For years, people thought the number of students per teacher was the most important factor in learning. Then educators focused on the size of schools. Now, latest studies are showing that it’s the teacher quality which matters most. I saw it

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A Lesson in Leadership: From Conductor Riccardo Chailly.

Just picture this….. You’re sitting in front of a full audience and in front of the Netherland Symphony Orchestra ready to play for a concert. You hear the first few notes and within seconds you realise that you’ve practiced the wrong piece! That’s exactly what happened to acclaimed Portugese pianist, Maria João Pires during a

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Watch This Music Teacher Rock The House!

There is never a wrong time for some fabulous music teacher inspiration - and this one is the best I've seen in a long time!! In this video, you'll meet vocal teacher Sarah Horn. Just an ordinary music teacher who went along like so many others to see a star studded cast of performers accompanied

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Four Inspirational Videos for the Teacher

Starting a New Year ahead as a teacher can be a daunting task-There's all the new classes and students, all the administrational tasks not to mention all the new curriculum planning. It can sometimes feel like hurdle after hurdle and the pressure can start to mount even before you begin. If you’ve ever felt like

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Using Google Interactive's in the Music Classroom

There’s a new music related Google Doodle on the scene that’s set to rival some of the most memorable Doodles yet! The doodle posted on the Google homepage recently was in honour of Dr Robert “Bob” Moog in celebration of his 78th Birthday. For those who are unfamiliar, he was the inventor of the Moog

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Music Teaching Quotes

Inspire your music classroom or studio with these music teaching quotes. Post them in your classroom, share music quotes with your colleagues, or add these inspirational music sayings to a band, choir or school newsletter. Music Quotes for teaching Music teaching quotes from famous people "You are the music while the music lasts."- T.S. Eliot

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Motivational Video For Teachers

Have you ever been asked questions such as "When are you going to get a real job?", "What do Teachers Make?"or perhaps you've even heard the phrase "Those who can't, Teach". This is a very appropriate motivational piece because I'm sure you'll agree that music teachers get asked these questions all the time! This slam

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